Taxi fare payments as of the 1st October 2020

Taxi fares will be refunded as below

Fares within Solihull will be refunded up to £10 each way without a wheel chair
And £20 each way with a wheel chair

There will be no refunds for taxis to or from the National Institute of Conductive Education, Canon Hill Park, Birmingham

Respite Care
A refund will be paid for one day per week at Shepherdson. £48 or £26 for a half day in addition meals are charged £5.50 per head. If you wish to attend a different respite care centre we will reimburse up to the figure charged by Shepherdson’s.  You will have to pay any excess charge. Up until the end of the year we will refund the cost of once a week attendance rather than once a fortnight.

Conductive Education
Due to the centre now charging for the initial six sessions the following will be refunded
The First six sessions for newly diagnosed, or new to the centre will be refunded
Which will be 6 x £20 = £120
Then each year after that 10 sessions @ £40 per session can be claimed, which will be £400
No taxi fares can be claimed for any sessions

Alternative Therapy
£20 per session towards cost of each of the first 3 sessions can be claimed for any alternative therapy
(such as Acupuncture, Pilates, Reflexology,etc)

If you require any further information about the above please contact the Treasurer Richard Nelson