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Hi everyone, as with everything in our day to day lives at the moment things are changing again and again. So, I would like to update you on the current position we are in with a number of things.

Tuesday Exercise Classes– we have had to put all plans to start exercise classes on hold with the constantly changing Government guidelines. These decisions are being made between the Methodist Church, Parkinson’s UK and the Government guidelines. We are ready to start; we just need the authority to proceed.

Website-Our new Branch website at www.solihullparkinsons.org.uk is now up and running and will have more information about the exercise class and many more things. We have lots more information to add, and if you have something you would like on it please let us know. We can put on plenty of photos and videos for everyone to see. We hope you think it is helpful and informative.

Lunches and Christmas– my Nan used to say that ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’ Well we can’t book anything at the moment, lunches. Christmas dinners, buffets, we have ideas but cannot commit until we are sure we can all be together. We are very keen to put on social events as soon as we can. So, don’t despair it’s only a matter of time.

Newsletter– the next newsletter will be out by mid-October with as much information and news as we can get hold of, previous editions of the newsletters can be viewed by looking on the front page of the website, on the bottom right corner.

I am full of hope that things are getting better, and that we shall soon be socialising with real people talking about ‘normal’ things!

Finally, for something a little more light hearted, we will be having a Design a Christmas card competition for everyone to enter, there will be prizes!

Details to follow!

Stay safe, take care,

Martin Sewell