These classes are subject to Coronavirus Regulations and classes must be booked in advance. See below section for details of these important procedures

Every Tuesday morning we have two exercise classes. One at 10.00am and the second at 11.15am

These take place at the Solihull Methodist Church Hall, Station Approach, Solihull. B91 1LG

The second class, which is the same content as the first, commences at 11.15am

The exercise class is designed to help people with Parkinson’s to keep active and supple.

For more information please contact us on 07377 978018 or

Guidelines for the Exercise Classes and for Volunteers Stewarding

These guidelines are a combination of requirements of Solihull Methodist Church, Parkinson’s UK and Government Guidelines.

*It is important everyone attending is member of Parkinson’s UK. This is for insurance purposes.

  1. Car Park. Socially distanced queues required.
  2. Check everyone is wearing a mask to enter and exit the building.
  3. Check members sanitise hands and any mobility aids (i.e. Wheelchair, sticks) on entry.
  4. Personal details, name, address, membership number, email address, contact number are required by the person taking register. Photo permission form to be signed.
  5. Issue name badge to wear.
  6. Collect £2 entry in cash or by card, Float issued, deposit correct money in jar.
  7. Escort members to seat. Start at the furthest seat away front row. There must be no crossing over others.
  8. Members are allowed to remove your mask once in their seat.
  9. If you move a seat to allow a carer to sit next to a sufferer do not reduce the 2 metre space to the next seat.
  10. If a member needs to go to the toilet during the time they are on the premises a volunteer will escort to and from. The member will be asked to use the wipes provided to clean what they touch in the WC and a bin for disposal of wipes will be provided. Please check this is done.
  11. At the end of the class everyone must put a mask on.
  12. Members will wait in their seat and you will instruct each line when to leave the premises via the rear fire exit. This will be done in reverse order to prevent people crossing each other’s paths.
  13. Please ask for the name badge and deposit in the box provided at the exit.
  14. Check members sanitise their hands before leaving.
  15. Please ensure no one congregates outside the exit after the class, maintaining social distancing at all times unless they are with a member of their own household.
  16. Please ensure members being collected stand to one side and are escorted to them if necessary.
  17. It will be necessary to spray and wipe chairs between classes and at the end. It may also be necessary to wipe light switches etc.

Failure to comply with the Church, Parkinson’s UK, and Government guidelines could result in the cancellation of our classes.