Hi Everyone,  

Good news!!!! The long awaited permission to start planning the recommencement of the Tuesday Exercise Class in July, has now been granted. We have been heavily dependent on the decisions of Parkinson’s UK, the Solihull Methodist Church and the Government Guidelines in relation to Covid 19 regulations around safe distancing, cleaning and the amount of people allowed to attend.  There will be 30 places in each class so we need to identify those people who will be returning on a Tuesday which will be held at the same place and the same times as before.

Can you therefore please indicate:

1. Are you proposing to attend the Tuesday Exercise Class?
2. If yes which session, 10 am or 11.15.am? 3. Will you be attending alone or with a participating carer? 

Please find attached a copy of the safe distancing rules we will be applying to the exercise classes. These are for your own, your fellow members, and volunteers of the class safety. As you will see there will be no teas or coffee but bottled water will be available at the entrance.
Once you are happy with the rules below, please email your replies to enquiries@solihullparkinsons.org.uk or call 01564 730147 or post to 25 Rodborough Road, Dorridge, Solihull, B93 8EE, (Attach the questions we have written above). Please respond by 22nd June 2021 Thanks for your co-operation ,and look forward to seeing you!
Please note that the above is reliant on no further tightening of restrictions being announced on the 21st June.
Kind Regards
Jan MasonMembership SecretarySolihull Branch Parkinson’s UK

Rules for the Exercise Classes run by Solihull Branch Parkinson’s UK

These rules are a combination of requirements of Solihull Methodist Church, Parkinson’s UK and Government Guidelines.

All of the below instructions have been created in good faith to ensure the safety of you, your friends, volunteers and members of church staff.

Please give us some time to implement these new regulations as it is all for your benefit.

1. Do not arrive more than 15 minutes before the class start time there will be safe distance queuing in the car park area.

2 No one must stay in the entrance lobby or use the coat hooks.

3. You must wear a mask to enter and move around the building.

4. On entry you must sanitise your hands and any mobility aids (i.e. Wheelchair, sticks)

5. Your personal details, name, address, email address, contact number are required by the person on entry.

6. Please pay £2 entry in cash to the person taking the register, please ensure you have the correct amount to minimise handling.

7. You will be escorted to your seat. This is not negotiable, as we are ensuring compliance with social distancing. Members arriving with a carer will sit together. 

8. You are allowed to remove your mask once you are in your seat.

9. Your seat is in a pre-measured position to ensure the 2m safe distancing rules, please do not move from your allocated seat whilst in the premises. Carers will be next to you.

10. If you need to go to the toilet during the time, you are on the premises you will be asked to wipe the surfaces that you have touched with the wipes provided and deposit the wipes in the bin provided.

11. At the end of the class you must put your mask on.

12. Please remain seated and you will be instructed as to when to leave the premises via the rear fire exit. This will be done in reverse order to prevent people crossing each other’s path.

13. You must then sanitise your hands before leaving.

14. Until further notice there will be no refreshments available between the classes. Bottled water will be available on arrival, if you require anything else please bring it with you.

15. Please do not congregate outside the exit after the class, maintain social distancing at all times unless with a member of your own household.

16. If you are being collected by someone they will be asked to wait outside the exit, and you will be escorted to them.

Failure to comply with the Church, Parkinson’s UK and Government guidelines could result in the cancellation of our classes.