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Buy your Parkinson’s Tulip Lapel Pin For £2

There are various colours or symbols which identify a charity , for Parkinson’s awareness it is a red tulip. This was developed by J.W.S. Van der Wereld, a Dutch horticulturist who had Parkinson’s disease. In 1981 he dedicated and named this tulip Doctor James Parkinson. This tulip is described as, “exterior being a glowing cardinal red, small feathered white edge, the outer base whitish; the inside, a currant-red to a turkey-red, broad feathered white edge, anthers pale yellow.”The  tulip is rarely available and, at any rate, any red tulip will do as the symbol. There is no need to plant a specific variety of red tulip.

As part of our fundraising plan Solihull Branch have had some lapel pins produced in the style of the Parkinson’s Tulip, which has leaves in the shape of a ‘P’ and ‘D’. These are now available to buy for £2 each or 3 for £5.All of the proceeds will go into the Branch funds. To get your Tulip pin send us an email to: enquiries@solihullparkinsons.org.uk giving your name ,address and a contact number, or call 07737 978018 leaving the same details and we will call you back to arrange delivery.