The nurses are

Debby Liberato

Maggie Johnson

Rose Crouch 

Sarah Coyle

Contact them on

Debby ,Maggie ,Rose , and Sarah  0121 466 6183  answer machine is available for 24 hours

Or Contact address

Assessment and treatment

Moseley Hall Hospital

Alcester Rd 



B 13  8TH

Hours of working Mon –Fri  8am -4pm

Referrals can be made by GP, consultant or allied health professionals and sent to above address

Helpful tips 

Please bring an up to date copy of your prescription to EVERY appointment

We endeavour to plan our appointments to suit the individual need and to avoid being too close to consultant appointments Ideally our appointments would be 3months before or after your consultant appointment. Please contact  the number above if you need to change your appointment with the PDNS

Please bring any correspondence from your consultant with you to our appointment 

Next of kin /family member  are welcome 

If you have any concerns/queries  please contact the number above and we will be happy to offer  telephone advice However due to clinical commitments it is not always possible to return your call on the same day

If you have any concerns re your general health please contact your GP 

Always carry a small supply of medication with you to ensure you take your medication on time 

Carry a copy of your prescription in your purse /wallet at all times

Clinics’ are:

Aston Health Centre Aston

Harvey Rd  clinic Yardley

Moseley Hall Hospital  Moseley

Perry Trees centre Perry Common

Sutton Cottage Hospital Sutton Coldfield

Things to know



3 Be aware of medication you should not be prescribed other drugs


Ask consultant or your GP TO REFER YOU to the PD services at Moseley Hall Hospital.


The current situation now is that we are continuing with telephone consultations in place of face to face, home visits which have been suspended until further notice.


During the last few months, the service has been overwhelmed with telephone queries, resulting in fewer telephone consultations taking place.

Patients who were due to be seen in April are still waiting for a telephone call. Following discussions with our manager, the priority has been to reduce these waiting lists for telephone consultations for new patients and reviews

There are approximately 100 new patients waiting for a first contact with us plus 600 reviews which are overdue.

When reviewing the telephone calls received, we found that the majority of them could have been dealt with by the GP or were not Parkinson’s related.

We understand that it is sometimes difficult to get through to your GP’s however they are responsible for all of your health needs and if after discussion with your GP they feel our input is required then they can contact us directly themselves .

Therefore, if any of you have any concerns regarding health issues, your first port of call should be your GP for an assessment of your needs.

Since the beginning of the lockdown, Debby and Rose were redeployed to district nursing leaving myself the only member of the team available to take calls on two days a week and then our dear colleague Sarah Coyle has retired fully, so the team is now 2.2 whole time equivalents, with no reduction in caseload numbers practices taking into account we are still not out of the woods yet.

This has been a very difficult decision for us to have made as a team, but we feel that this is the only way to move forward in the current climate and it has been exactly the same for other services in our trust.

We all look forward to meeting up again face to face. This has got to be an excuse for a party eventually!

With warmest wishes to all of you

Maggie, Debby and Rose

Parkinson’s Specialist Nurses

Tel: 0121 466 6183

Internal: 66183

Mobile: 07866672948



NHS net

Adult Community Services

Moseley Hall Hospital

Assessment and treatment Centre

Alcester road

B13 8JL