I’m Anne Sage , Parkinson’s UK Local Adviser for Solihull.

As you’ll likely be aware, last year we began a process of restructuring our information and support services to enable us to continue offering our services in a fair and balanced way to everyone who needs our support, no matter where they live in the UK. As part of the changes we are making, we have introduced a new way to get in touch with our services for people who need support.

As the local group network plays a key role in signposting to and supporting people to access our services, I wanted to give you an update on the best way to refer people who need support into our services, from now on. 

In your area, you can now signpost people to our local adviser service through our national helpline. People in need of support can ring our freephone number on 0808 800 0303, Monday – Friday: 9am – 7pm and Saturday: 10am – 2pm, or email hello@parkinsons.org.uk

This replaces our previous system of contacting our local advisers directly.  As you’ll know, our Parkinson’s local advisers have large areas to cover and are often away from their desks providing vital support to people in their area. Our skilled helpline advisers are able to respond quickly to those who need support, meaning immediate information and support can be provided.  

Where there is a need for more local or in-depth support, helpline advisers will connect the person needing support to a local adviser or to one of our specialist advisers, such as a Parkinson’s nurse, who will then contact the person to offer further support. 

I know that many of you work closely with local advisers in your area, and it will continue to be part of the Parkinson’s local adviser’s (PLA) role to work with networks across the local area. For example, please continue as normal to contact your local PLA to keep them in touch with your group’s news and activities. 

Similarly, if an individual is already receiving one-to-one support from a named local adviser and is connected to the local adviser service, that relationship will stay the same, as providing a face-to-face and local service for clients continues to be an important and valued part of our service offer.

When referencing how to access our information and support service on local websites, publications or social media, from now on you should share our helpline telephone number 0808 800 0303 and email address hello@parkinsons.org.uk. Please do not publish the details of an individual local adviser. Sharing these central contact details will enable us to provide support more quickly and ensure we can direct our services to where they are needed most. 

Thank you for everything you do to connect people to our services. I do hope you will continue to connect the PLAs with your local activities and let people know about how they can access our services should they need support. If you have any questions, please do get in touch with me.


Anne Sage
Parkinson’s Local Adviser ‑ West
Parkinson’s UK
asage@parkinsons.org.uk 0808 800 0303