The National Institute for Conductive Education (NICE) are recruiting now for both face to face and remote introductory courses. They have an online form which you can use to apply for your initial meeting/consultation.

How to apply

Information on their introductory Positive Parkinson’s Programme is available from NICE


National Institute or Conductive Education


Cannon Hill House,
Russell Road,
West Midlands B13 8RD

T: 0121 449 1569

To apply

contact NICE

The initial 6 sessions are £20 each, total £120.This will be reimbursed in full by Solihull Branch of Parkinson’s, conditions apply.
Please speak to the Branch treasurer Richard Nelson before you attend any sessions.

The following year you can claim for 10 individual sessions throughout the year, which are currently £40 each

For further information contact