You’ve All Got One

Used Ink Cartridges, originals only

Canon and HP are the most common one used across the nation

This is an easy way for us raise some funds

Each one recycled is worth £1

And we’re saving the planet at the same time!

You can drop them off at the exercise class or call us on
07377 978018 and we can arrange collection

Why Recycle Inkjet Cartridges?

  • Over 300 million inkjet cartridges are sold in Europe each year and only 15% of these are remanufactured.
  • Every year in the UK, around 45 million printer cartridges end up in landfill taking an estimated 1000 years to decompose.
  • Up to 1 litre of oil is used in the manufacture of a new printer cartridge.
  • Recycling everyday objects such as paper, bottles and printer cartridges saves energy.
  • The materials that you recycle are used to create new products you buy. This means less new materials need to be mined or harvested, processed, manufactured and transported — all of which consume energy.

Recycle4Charity is a free and easy to use inkjet recycling programme, that helps save the environment and raise money for the charity.

How it Works

Please visit the Recycle4Charity website to discover which used inkjet cartridges are on the wanted list, and their value.