Solihull Special Care Dental Service


Admission criteria to Solihull Special Care Dental Service:

  • Patients living in or attending an LEA school in Solihull Borough
  • Patients are registered with a Solihull GP

Patients may be referred in under the following criteria:

Adults with an additional need:

  • Moderate or severe Learning difficulties and/or challenging behaviour
  • Autistic spectrum disorder
  • Severe mental health problems including dementia
  • Severely medically compromised
  • Severe physical disability, e.g. where needing hoist transfer
  • Post head and neck oncology patients
  • Palliative care
  • Domiciliary care for housebound patients unable to access a GDP
  • Phobic or very highly anxious adults – explanation of the treatment tried to date
  • GA referrals
  • Treatment under IV or inhalation sedation

Paediatric patients:

  • Learning difficulties
  • Autistic spectrum disorder and ADHD
  • Mental health and psychological disorders including anorexia and bulimia
  • Complex physical disabilities
  • Very anxious and phobic children – explanation of the treatment attempted to date
  • Very young children with extensive decay
  • Orthodontic extractions where sedation is required
  • Treatment under inhalation sedation 
  • Intravenous sedation is available where deemed necessary for those 14 years and above

Exclusion criteria:

For Service:

  • Patients excluded due to threatening behaviour under violent patient scheme
  • Persistent non-payment of dental charges

For Special Care Dentistry:

  • Does not have a Solihull GP 
  • Does not attend an Solihull LEA school
  • Lives out of Borough
  • Specific treatment items:  where referred only for advanced restorations, endodontic treatment of pre molars or molars, High caries activity levels
  • Paediatric GA referrals should be referred to Birmingham Dental Hospital / Birmingham Children’s Hospital as appropriate.

For weekday urgent care:

  • A triage service is provided directing patients to local GDPs, as per agreed urgent access slots available.

Referral route

  • For Special Care Dentistry – patients are accepted on referral only either  by paper or electronically via 
  • Completed referral forms should be sent to Mrs P Heyworth, Clinical Service Lead, Solihull Special Care Dental Service, Ground Floor, Netherwood Building, Solihull Hospital, Lode Lane, Solihull B91 2JL.
  • Referrals should include as much information as possible including name of GP, main aspects of medical history, treatment attempted, levels of co-operation, any issues over communication or surgery accessibility.  This will help us to direct the patient to the most appropriate clinic.

In urgent cases, or where you wish to discuss a possible referral please contact us by telephone on 0121 704 3211.

For Out of Hours Service:

Patients should be advised to contact NHS 111. Following triage using the Dental algorithm if found in need of urgent dental treatment they will be given a telephone number to access local out of hours services.

In an acute emergency situation they would be directed to the QE Hospital if an adult, or Birmingham Children’s Hospital if a child.