We have an opportunity for people with Parkinson’s to take part in some research looking at physical activity and mental health.

Impact of the COVID pandemic on physical activity and mental health in people living with Parkinson’s in the UK.

Leire Ambroiso and the research team at the University of Southampton are investigating how COVID has impacted on physical activity and therefore mental health for people with long term conditions.
The aim of the research is to assess the impact of social isolation, social distancing and shielding on physical activity and mental health, leading to better support moving forward.
Who do the researchers need?
200 people diagnosed with Parkinson’s who live in the UK and are happy to access the online questionnaire. The research team are also looking for people with other long term conditions so please share this with anyone who may fit with that description.

What’s involved?
Completing a 20 minute one-off online questionnaire. You’ll be asked about your physical activities, mood and the impact of COVID on your everyday life.
For more information, please read the participant information sheet.

Interested in taking part?
Please go to the online questionnaire.

If you have any more questions about the research or problems accessing the online questionnaire contact Leire via email on Lag1v19@soton.ac.uk or phone 02380 596591 – this number will only be checked periodically, before 30 July 2021.