About the Parkinson’s Tulip

The Parkinson’s Tulip is a symbol associated with raising awareness of Parkinson’s worldwide.

In 1980 , Dutch Horticulturalist J,W.S Van Der Wereld decided to honour Dr.James Parkinson, the first to describe Parkinson’s in 1817 by naming a tulip after him. It thus became a symbol for Parkinson’s Disease.

You can support the Solihull Branch of Parkinson’s by purchasing your new Tulip badge. The price per badge is £2, or you can buy 3 for £5.

All profits made from the sale will continue to support Branch activities and support therapies. To purchase your badges you can:

  1. email: enquiries@solihullparkinsons.org.uk
  2. call: 07377 978018
  3. speak to any member of the committee